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My name is Agnieszka Nowinska. I am Polish, lived in Belgium for many years, I live and work in Denmark now. I am an Assistant Professor at the Aalborg University Business School. I hold a PhD in Management and Economics from the Copenhagen Business School (2018) and before that I studied at the Vrije Universiteit Brussels & Solvay Business School (Master in Management 2010).

Before I started my work in academia, I worked for 8 years as a business development manager in a private company in Brussels and served as Trade Officer at the Embassy of Poland in Belgium. The research part of my business development job as well as the focus on networks, mobility, and relationships is at the core of my research and teaching now. For more information about me see my Publications and the Work in Progress. Please reach out if you are interested in a collaboration.

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Check a video summary of my research on network determinants published in JBR

Doors and walls
Check my latest video illustrating the Industry and Innovation publication on "Doors and walls and the employees' knowledge sharing" from Industry and Innivation (2023).
Doors and walls
Nowinska and Pedersen, 2023
And the video illustrating the "Traders across borders" publication in the Global Mobility Journal (2023)
Traders across borders
Nowinska, Hennart, Marinova, 2023
Scientific Focus Areas
I am an Assistant Professor with a strong interest in network and mobility studies. I studied employees’ mobility worldwide following an organizational failure of a large Danish MNE but also the evolution of employees’ careers in terms of their international assignments. A part of these, I studied global buyer-supplier relations with focus on local vs. distant relationships.
I study employees’ mobility and co-mobility worldwide following a failure of a large MNE. I am also interested in supplementing the knowledge on MNE global staffing and study novel staffing strategies including local staffing.
Network formation and persistence are my core interests. I study the drivers of employees’ co-mobility at the individual level and the networks between employees and employers. I also study buyer-supplier networks along with their determinants including proximity (local vs. global networks).
I studied different extreme contexts: firm bankrupcy, financial crisis, closure and downfalls of industries and avenue of new technology. These serve me as background to "effect" studies and "extreme cases".
Work in progress
Join me at the Aaalborg University exhibition stand at the Traeffpunkt HR: the largest Danish HR exhibition. When? October 5th and 6th. Where? Halmtorvet 11, Copenhagen. Read more about the event here: Traefpunkt HR
16-11- 2022: I just recorded a short video on mobility and MNCs for the AAU play intiative. For teachers and highschool goers: please check out this platform: https://lnkd.in/eqSHfwdq
Join our webinar where the aim is to reduce tha gap between HR Research and HR Practice.
We have invited Agnieszka Nowinska, PhD from Copenhagen Business School to talk about her research within the field of HR Analytics.

Friday, April 29th
10:00 - 11.00 AM (CEST)
Event on the Work from Home model managed by my student with invited speakers from NovoNordisk and Tetra Pak Scanima. For a preview check here
Feel free to write and call me. I'd love to have a chat about networks and HR (mobility/migrations)
+45 518 90 455
Fibigerstræde 11, 44, 9220 Aalborg,Denmark